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Why should your children try fencing?


Its Fun!

Why is it fun?

Fencing inspires kids’ imaginations. It’s not hard to imagine that your opponent is Darth Vader and you are Luke Skywalker. When your children do this in the house and break an antique lamp, you discourage this behavior, right? But at Peoria Fencing Academy, we encourage this behavior in a safe, controlled and supervised setting. Each student is encouraged to live out his or her dreams while exercising and learning one of the world’s oldest sports.

Fencing is for Everyone?

I am too big! I’m too little! Fact is, unlike most other sports, there is no perfect body type for a fencer. How’s that you ask? Being successful at fencing takes more than just swinging a blade. A winning fencer has the mind of a chess player, the face of a poker player, the flexibility of a gymnast, the hand-eye coordination of a video game master (The XBOX cannot hold a candle to fencing!), and the endurance of a long distance runner. Think about all the skills and benefits that each one of these attributes contributes to your child growing up? Every one of the skills learned in fencing can be applied to life.

Here at Peoria Fencing Academy, the coach will train each fencer with techniques to accentuate their strengths and supplement their weaknesses. Ultimately, if your child sticks with fencing, he or she will develop the confidence in their bodies and their ability enough to make their body type work to their advantage.


The mind is the most powerful weapon that any fencer can wield. The ability to control the mind and your body’s response to a situation is fundamental. Imagine standing there facing your opponent who is holding a sword just like you. Suddenly they dart toward you with the tip of that sword pointed at your chest. What to you do? How do you react? Tell your feet to retreat, your hand adjusts your grip on your sword tightly to block the oncoming attack, you tell your mind to stop racing and focus on what it’s going to take to stop this attack, and what you’re going to do after you do?

As a fencer, you will learn to have the self-control over your body to react to these actions all at the same time. (Now we’re talking multi-tasking!) If you compare this to other sports where the child merely tries to kick or hit the ball, the strategy and self-control is an afterthought. In fencing, self-control and body-control come first. And most importantly, it’s what keeps you from getting hit by that attacker.

By fencing, your child will gain greater self-control and increase concentration. Soon enough, this self-control will begin to extend to other aspects of their life.


Each bout that your child fences at Peoria Fencing Academy starts in the same way: with a respectful salute of the sword to his opponent, to the referee, and to the audience.

When fencing without referees, fencers are trained to acknowledge their opponent’s touches and often times even with referee, fencers at Peoria Fencing Academy will acknowledge an opponents touch. Imagine in many team sports like softball or baseball, if the first baseman said to the umpire, “he was safe.” Or, imagine in football if a defensive player spoke up, “my opponents’ feet were in bounds and their touchdown should count.” While a rarity in most sports, this is commonplace in fencing and encouraged behavior at Peoria Fencing Academy.

At the end of each bout, there is a required salute and mandatory handshake between the competitors. Winning and losing gracefully is not only encouraged, it is expected along with maintaining respect for the other fencers and the referees. Often times older fencers will share their years of experience with the junior students after a bout.


Socialization is an important element of life. If your child takes a fencing class, they will likely take this class with children from a different school or perhaps a home school. By learning to meet new kids, your child will learn to interact with others.

There is general camaraderie at tournaments among fencers who see each other again and again. Fencers soon learn that it is advantageous to win and lose gracefully to continue to keep your opponents as friends.


As parents and children, fencing affords the opportunity to travel to various tournaments. The experienced fencers of Peoria Fencing Academy have traveled to local, regional, and national tournaments. While we cannot promise that all fencing tournaments will be in a glamorous destination, fencing does offer the opportunity to visit new places and meet new people from across the country in some cases from around the world. Fencing tournaments are usually held in the off-season of a hosting city, making travel and accommodations more affordable to fencers. Some parents have found that fencing tournaments have afforded them the opportunity (or excuse) to get away that they might not have had.


Whether your child’s goals are to fence at a NCAA level or to fence at a recreational level, college is one of the greatest reasons to fence. Colleges are always looking for well-rounded individuals for their schools.

Fencing can provide a terrific entry to elite schools by giving your child a skill that few possess, but these elite schools desire. The schools that have NCAA programs are looking for both men and women to fill out their roster spots. Some of these schools offer fencing scholarships.

Even if you aren’t one of the top fencers, fencing can add an athletic element to any application. Nearly all colleges and universities have either NCAA or club fencing program. Most people learn fencing in college classes, but your child will learn fencing beforehand and therefore be more attractive to the school.


Have you ever thought about a fencing scholarship? Here are just a few of the nationally recognized universities that offer fencing scholarships: Columbia, Duke, Harvard, New York University, Notre Dame, Penn State, Princeton, Rutgers, Saint Johns (Redmen), University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Let Peoria Fencing Academy work with your son or daughter to train them to get to this level of fencing. When the time comes to apply for college and college recruiting, let Peoria Fencing Academy work with your family on identifying the right college for your child.

Quick Factoid

Did you know that if you compete in these sports: Men’s basketball, Women’s basketball, Football, Baseball, or Men’s Soccer in high school, you have less than a 6% chance of competing in these sports at the NCAA level? Did you know if you compete in fencing in high school, you have a 50% chance competing at an NCAA level! – Source: NCAA report on ‘Estimated Probability of Competing in Athletics Beyond the High School Interscholastic Level.

Hey! Why should the kids have all the fun?

You can join the fun! Peoria Fencing Academy offers classes for adults as well! Click on the classes’ section for more details. So don’t delay, sign up your whole family for a class today. Ask yourself this question. “When were the last time I went to a soccer game and the whole family got to compete?” With fencing you get this golden opportunity to travel together as a family and fence together at competitions all in the in the same place! Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!